watic gifs
Anonymous: Do you have the gif of Cameron being kissed by Alex on stage?

nope! submit me a link to the video and i’ll make one

wearetheincrowds-deactivated201: Hi, can you make some gifs for exits and entrances, please? I love your blog so much!

i will try! i have been very busy lately, but next time i have free time i’ll make some! and thank you for crediting my gifs you posted by the way :-)

Anonymous: which video is one that tay says: ''No, no pictures. No video. We're Just Dancing'' ? Please i need See...

http://youtu.be/QIu-itu3fso its at the end

iI’m pretty sure these are parts of the “Lights Out” music video that was never released..


Anonymous: top 10 watic blogs?

i don’t follow a lot of watic blogs, but how about my followers give me some suggestions??

Anonymous: hey what video is post/14094132571 from? thanks

if you click the gif, it brings you to the video where its from!

but its from this video

Anonymous: what programme do you use to make your gifs?

photoshop cs5